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Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Which day suits?

I've been thinking. Should I pick a day in the week in which I sit down and write a blog post, perhaps twice weekly at most. That way I'll have an appointed date in which I -know- I'm supposed to update this. Then updated outwith that, with important information I feel is neccessary?

So which days do you reckon it should be? Cast your votes now?

Monday / Friday?
Tuesday / Saturday?
Wednesday / Sunday?


VioletRaven said...

I vote for Monday/Friday, it would be like a preview and then an overview of the week coming and passed, that leaves the weekend days free and you can make time for it in your working week.

Hatavar said...

Ah that is a sound suggestion, with my thoughts I was trying to balance the days with a 4/3 day split betweeen each post. With Monday/Friday there's the structure of planning and evaluation each week, which I think would work well as an organisational stucture come 4th year?