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Saturday, 17 January 2009

Blog has MOVED!

I've set up a blog elsewhere on Blogger so that it'll have my name in the URL - easier for searching me out and what not. You can find me here at



Study of a Goddess

Time to let this piece see some light - could do with some refinement but everything can. Time to take what I've learnt from this and apply it to the next one.

A satisfying conclusion to this chapter?



Now I'm going to have to return to focusing on my Animatic, plus a presentation I have to make next Wednesday.

Who knows what kind of branding I'll have to come up with to distinguish myself from the pack. Only it will have to be something epic-ly suitable.

Image above was references from stock imagery provided by M.J.Ranum. You can find the original image here -http://mjranum-stock.deviantart.com/art/Goddess-9-104942903

Friday, 16 January 2009

Following a Train of Thought

For the short animation I've been working on, all of the action will take place inside a train. The design of which is an elaborate blend of Rococo with a turn of the bizarre.

I've been painting up colour/light tests to see how the train would blend together. The first painting I have is of the first door the protagonist discovers.

It's a break from his linear progression down the train, a path leading off and it consumes his curiosity, forcing him to try and overcome the door's defences.


Second painting in progress is one of the main seating carriages. Notices the continuation of the plush red carpet which runs throughout the train.


Both WIP's but I feel I've been holding them to my chest a bit too long. Any thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated.


Animatic is going somewhat well, a lot of issues are resolving themselves. I'd really like to have something to show by next week...

I gargle at the forthcoming week, it's a mangle of deadlines. Self set and academically driven deadlines. All vying for a drop of my blood by which to own me by.

I might end up like poor Windbag alas, thoughtless and zombie-like.


At least the burden of anticipation over my last semester's grades has finally alleviated. I know what they were now, that's enough to keep me going.


Windbag has some direction. A nifty ticket just for him, printed with some comforting letters, which are in fact numbers in a roman kind of way.


Monday, 5 January 2009

Brushing up

A happy new year to everyone...

I've been trying to brush up on my digital painting after the Christmas break since I was isolated from my wacom. It's been fun, a couple hours tinkering saw me create this little dude.


I may dabble with him a little more, but I've found jumping between paintings has been the most fun and constructive for me. I have some plans for a new way of studying for me, but I'll unveil them later when I have the evidence to back it up.

There's some concept ideas backing this guy up, but they're a little frail at the moment. If you like him, I'll do more! What's everyone else up to these days? I'm looking forward to seeing the artwork 2009 will haul in.

Sunday, 28 December 2008

New Year

Resolution - As I face down 2009 with open hopes and wandering dreams, I'm a little anxious as to what this year will bring. I'm still trying to grasp my affirmations. I hope it will be a prosperous year, one full of potential. I sense a lot of fear will find my heart, when the end of my studies looms and the real world caves in on my head.

How will I deal with all the financial implications?
How will I accommodate the neccessity of finding employment?
Where will I be living come the end of May?
Am I to DARE, or not to DARE. Is that the question?

I have so much to do, and not the faintest grasp yet as to how to do it. Okay that is a lie, I can hypothesise as to what it will entail. I can put it all down in numbered headers in order to meet the expectations of a professional practice deadline. I can lay down dates as a foundation as to the path I shall walk, but as to it sinking into my frontal cortex the implications of all these plans meaning.

I am going to create an Animation.
I am going to create a damn fine Animation.
I am going to do this by May... or rather the end of April - yeah like that'll happen.

It is at this point that panic sets in. Awkward feeling at the pit of my stomach, like a hot air balloon I attempt to nudge it under my hopes and dreams. It balloons and swells in my throat, I choke on my own ambition. Where am I left? To close to the floorboard grain to see my horizon. I'm itching to return to the flight, to run against the wind of obligation and meet it head on, but I have to learn to balance.

Life / Work / Love / Art / Life

More on those thoughts later, right now I'm in Linlithgow revitalising the use of the old laptop. Once I return, I'll have access to my other art files and my graphics tablet - I'll be touching up some old work and posting it where and when I can.

If I don't post again before the turn of the worlds' axis - a Happy New Year to Everyone won't you.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008


Sunday, 28 September 2008

Concept Development Inspired


Here's a preview of the Frogboy concept I'm working on - trying to nail down some details with a lesser ambiguous flourish of the pentel mech.

I started this sketch in Concept Development, a lectorial (lecture/tutorial apparently) taken by Belinda Langlands. Went fairly well and I've been working on it since - though I have been tackling with using my scanner thus the delay in posting this.

Honours Year is going more or less as I imagined, yet at the same time completely differently because I soon realise what I had imagined was very little. A lot of the academic side and involvement wasn't really taken into my consideration, and its coming as a bit of a surprise, though welcome.

Well, until I wake again, y'all have a good night!