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Thursday, 8 May 2008

Over the Edge, touching clouds...


And this marks the moment when 3rd year drifts in time, to memory and reflection. Like the ripples in a still pool, churning currents on the embankments. Build me a river, so that I may travel, not to anywhere, but to travel is in the reward unto itself.

I made my presentation. I didn't say a lot of things that I intended on saying, mainly down to nerves. It is true what is said about presenting. There are 3 presentations exist in the ether for every one you are tasked to make. The one you prepare for, all the images and the texts and the thoughts you have beforehand. The presentation which actually occurs, the minefield that it is. And the one which haunts you with hindsight.

"Haunted by Hindsight." or "Hunted by Hindsight" Things to think on.

And now the real test begins, time to pour out of my mind all the things which have been trapped. Time to unveil the thoughts and images which lurk. Time for time, to take and use. Please don't let me waste this summer.

I have to go to Glasgow today for an exhibition for my works with Sian Lidgate. Hope this opens up some doors or something. Work would be nice, especially the kind attached to moneys. Leaving at 3pm... long day.


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